No matter who you are, the choices you make come from what you believe. And the choices you make show your mission. Our mission is to honor God our creator for what he has provided for us in Jesus Christ. We seek to live out our faith in all areas of life:

We live out this mission with our home and neighborhood. God has placed us all in close proximity to people. Many times these are the greatest relationships and the hardest. We share the joys of life and we are hurt the most by those around us. We seek to be receivers of the grace of God and then we seek to show this grace to others.

We live out this mission with our work. God made work as a good gift, yet we are all tempted to place work as where we get value instead of where we value what has been given to us. Many times our view of work is either drudgery or idolatry, but we seek to find ways to submit to what God has provided.

We live out this mission with our money and skills. We all live in this world that God has created and money is part of God’s world. We fail if we view money and wealth as the end in life, yet we are not called to surrender and live as though money is evil. A life lived in light of God the great provider, will see all of our resources as God-given. Our life, our resources, our skills and talents are all meant to be handled with generosity.

We live out this mission by calling others to find life in Christ. Any mission of mercy or generosity or social justice falls short when we do not acknowledge why these are important. We are merciful because God is merciful, we are generous because God is generous and we desire to seek the welfare of the oppressed because God sought our welfare.

We, as Westside Church, desire to be people of reconciliation; we are called to be reconcilers because God has reconciled us to himself. The mission of God is to reconcile people to himself who then reconcile their relationships, their community, and the world.