The gospel drives our worship. We can rightly think about worship as “showing worth and value to something or someone.” With this definition we all worship something. The real question becomes is this thing or person truly worthy of our worship? The objects we worship can be endless — relationships, jobs, status, personal fulfillment, pleasure, health…

What do you place ultimate value in for your significance? Then next question becomes, is that thing worth our worship –- is it ultimate?

The problem with these is that eventually these fade, we get old, and we all die, so nothing that we have here can hold ultimate value. As people who worship, we are called to give our worship to something that will last, something that will not break or rust or be destroyed.

Nothing we create or that is created is worthy of our worship, only the Creator is. We desire to worship God and recognize his ultimate status. So at Westside Church our obvious and literal expression of worship is our corporate worship gathering on Sunday morning.

In our Sunday worship, we strive to simply follow what God commands, our worship is made up of some prayer, songs, teaching from scripture and a celebration of the Lord’s Supper. We recognize that in worshipping the Creator all of things –- our world begins to makes sense. Relationships, jobs, status all take their proper place as penultimate and not ultimate.